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Dear Friend:

  • Are you worried about the amount of studying you have to do for your exams?
  • Do you find yourself confused by the amount of information you have to take in?
  • Are you constantly worried about passing your exams?
  • Are you looking for the best ACCA Tips?

I was too.

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Soul Patel and I’ve been studying accountancy and finance for over 15 years now. I remember when I was at school and being taught accounting for the first time and just not being able to understand it at all! Why?

It Was Almost Impossible to Learn!

I then went to university, did my masters and even joined an investment bank and still had no clue how to study for accountancy exams. I even went on expensive courses at university and at work but it didn’t help.

You see I was in a similar position to you once… but I made it twice as hard! You see I took on the crazy challenge of doing two qualifications at once – yes, you heard me – two qualifications at once!

That was trying to do SIX years of studying in only THREE years! I also just happened to have hardly any money! You can imagine I had some of the same problems you have including:

  • Trying to balance working and studying all at the same time
  • Coming home from work only to face hours more studying
  • Being massively in debt and borrowing money from my parents to pay for the exams
  • Not being able to afford tuition and having to study at home
  • A boss that wasn’t happy with me going home “on time” to study
  • Demands from family and loved ones for their time
  • Being tired all day long and at weekends too
  • My head feeling like it was full of rocks

Trust me, you don’t want to stay in that position!

There was so much information to take in and not enough time. And it was almost impossible to balance work and studying and having a social life too. I honestly felt like there was no way to do everything I needed to do and cope with all the pressure.


Here’s The Good News – I Found a Solution!

You see facing such an extreme challenge forced me to face the truth that I was just not good enough to pass these exams the way I was. So I researched all the information I could find on how to pass exams. I spent thousands on different courses and teachers and came to an remarkable but obvious conclusion

There is No Big Secret or Mystery to Passing Your Exams

It’s actually really simple once you know how.

It can be broken down into simple systematic steps, principles and techniques and knowing exactly how to approach each stage of your studying. Instead of constantly looking for ACCA exam tips you can focus on doing the things that will really help you pass your ACCA Exams.

I formulated all the principles, techniques and strategies I learned and put them together into a unique and revolutionary approach.
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Introducing the AIDE System!

The AIDE System breaksdown the process to prepare for your ACCA exams like no other system in the world.
It lays out clear step by step techniques you can use at every stage along the way to prepare effectively for your exams. AIDE stands for

  • A – Attitude
  • I – Intelligent Learning
  • D – Developing Abilities
  • E – Exam Execution

You won’t find ANYTHING like the AIDE System anywhere else – Trust me, I’ve looked. It’s a unique and copyrighted system and that you will only find here.

And here’s the best bit…

The AIDE System Saves You Time!

Yes, the AIDE System was so effective I was able to study for and pass my exams in half the time – that’s SIX YEARS of exams in only THREE YEARS

Imagine being able to study for half as much as you do now and still pass.

But it gets even better…

The AIDE System Helps You Pass 1st Time!

Yes, the system is so powerful that I passed each exam first time. Imagine never having to resit an exam again in your life! Nevermind the money, think of all the time you would save!

Now you might be thinking I’m some kind of financial genius, but trust me, I’m not. Anyone can use this system.

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Now I know some people might say…

Why Bother Learning Techniques, it the Technical Knowledge That’s Important… Right…?

You may be wondering how learning about techniques to effectively prepare for your exams is going to help you? Some might even say it’s a waste of time and you should just spend that time revising the technical aspects of your exams.

But they would be wrong!

Here’s why:

If you could double the amount of information you can take in and remember from your studying, or learn the same material but in half the time, wouldn’t it be worth spending some time and effort to learn those? You’d be crazy not to!

Even if using the techniques meant you needed to study 30% less, or 20% less or even 10% less wouldn’t that still be worth it? Or another way to think about it is instead of slaving away and failing, you are more likely to pass with the same amount of work! A win-win for you either way.

Wouldn’t you want to know something that could help you? It’s like you’re a sports car with the wrong gasoline and oil running through you – you could just set off to race now but why would you?

Get Yourself Set For Success in Your ACCA Exams

I’m going to teach you what other teachers don’t want you to know (so they can keep the high marks for their students) or what they simply don’t know. These will be the best ACCA tips you can pick up – trust me on that one!

And once you’re done you’ll know more than most of the other students and teachers out there about passing ACCA exams.

It’s been a crazy ride for me, I’ve learned so much and come up against many challenges

And now I want to pass my knowledge on to you

Here’s What You Will Get:

  • Immediate Access to Over 6 Hours of Advanced Videos Presentations
  • I’ve recorded the most effective and powerful principles and techniques into 14 videos covering over 6 hours of all aspects of exam preparation
    Watch the videos in any order and jump in and out according to YOUR NEEDS.
    Plus a bonus video on the Top Student Questions on exam preparation!

  • Learning Exercises to Really Remember The Lessons
  • Each section in the AIDE System Video Course has a series of exercises you can do to really get the lessons into your head and make the process second-nature to you
    These exercises use some of the latest psychological techniques in behaviour change, psychology and retaining memory

And There’s A Bonus Too:

  • Audio MP3 Recordings So You Can Learn On the Move (Normal Value £97)
  • I was going to sell these separately but for a limited time I’m going to include them with the AIDE System here as a bonus. Most exam systems just give you a book to read. Here you get full MP3 recordings of the ENTIRE course to listen you when you want – Completely Free!

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Even the ACCA Have Endorsed the AIDE System!

The AIDE System has already been featured heavily in the ACCA Student Accountant Magazine – If the ACCA themselves trust in the system – what excuse do you have?

Other ACCA students agree:

I am a part qualified accountant, but due to a brain tumor I have been unable to study or work for the last couple of years. I have recently started to study again (P2) and to begin with I found it quite daunting due to my memory not being what it used to.
I study almost every day and repeat, repeat and repeat everything until it sticks….it was nice to read that you used that method too, it gave me more confidence knowing that other students don’t remember things straight away too. It has made me feel more confident in my studying approach.

Thank you and Kind Regards,

Marie Jones – ACCA Student

I must admit I am guilty of some of the bad attitudes you mentioned. Right now I am going through a very challenging situation in my life, I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. I must say thank you. Excellent work.

Sharon Wilson – ACCA Student

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There is a small flaw however

There is a small problem with the system – it’s not for everyone. You see I can give the AIDE System to two different students and one will succeed and pass quickly and easily, and the other won’t. I was worried about this for a long time until I realised it was nothing to do with the AIDE system, but the student themselves. I could have given that student one to one coaching and they still would not have passed, because they weren’t really committed. It didn’t matter how many ACCA exam tips I gave them.

So I say to you now, only get the AIDE System if you are 100% committed to passing your ACCA exams and creating a better life for yourself and your family. If you are, the system, combined with your ambition, will do amazing things for you. (If you’re not then I wish you the best of luck, you’ll need it.)

For those of you truly committed to making a difference through your exams…

Here’s What You’re Going to Learn

    A is for Attitude

  • Why a Positive Attitude Doesn’t Work
  • How to Use Specific Mental Strategies to Help You Prepare
  • Help You Focus On Why You Are Doing The Exams
  • How to Remove Negative Self-Talk (talking in your head)
  • How to Use Specific Mental Strategies to Help You Prepare
  • How to Motivate Yourself to Study
  • Why You Choose To Work Hard
  • How To Get Yourself to Work Harder
  • How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    I is for Intelligent Learning

  • How to Use Your Psychology to Your Advantage
  • The Emotions You Will Go Through, Why You Sometimes Feel Low and What to Do About it
  • How To Ask the Right Questions
  • How to be Effective with Your Time Management
  • How You Wasted Time at School/University – and How to Avoid Doing That Now
  • How to Use Techniques from Strategy Consultants to Learn Effectively
  • How to Use Mindmaps to Help with Learning and Remembering
  • The Three Steps to Effective Learning
  • How to Keep Yourself in Top Condition For Your Exams

    D is for Developing Abilities

  • Why You Feel Really Bad Whilst Studying And What To Do About It
  • Why You Sometimes Feel Stuck When Studying, And How To Get Out of That
  • How to Increase the Amount of Time You Can Study In One Sitting
  • Tools and Techniques: How To Accelerate Your Learning
  • How to Use Mindmaps Effectively
  • How to Learn Faster in Class
  • How to Use Mnemonics
  • How to Use a Log of Lessons Learned
  • Understanding Question Requirements
  • When You Should Cheat To Pass Your Exams

    E is for Exam Execution

  • How To Prepare Effectively
  • What To Do The Night Before the Exam
  • What To Do Just Before the Exam
  • How To Cope With Whatever Happens In The Exam Room
  • How To Do Questions Quickly
  • The 2 Secrets to Passing Exams
  • How to Approach Multiple Choice/Objective Test Questions
  • How to Ensure You Please the Marker
  • How to Cope if You Get Stuck
  • What to Do Straight After the Exam
  • Managing Yourself and Your Emotions After the Exam

And There’s More! Think About The End Results For You

  • Get more studying done in less time (I managed in half the time – see if you can do better!)
  • Pass each exam first time
  • Learn how to manage your time
  • Save time from not having to re-sit exams
  • Save money from not having to pay for additional exams
  • Stand Out From the Crowd versus other students who didn’t pass as well
  • Qualify faster – get that payrise sooner!
  • More respect and recognition

If that wasn’t enough I’m going to do something extra special for you…

You Also Get Two Bonus Reports

  • The Top 10 Student Mistakes & How to Make Sure You Don’t Make Them!
  • Ultimate Self-Study Guide to Studying From Home & Passing Your Exams

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What Could Not Knowing The AIDE System Cost You?

Not knowing the AIDE System could have some serious consequences. In the current economic climate if you are lucky enough to have a job you could lose your job if you fail exams – no joke, I know people it’s happened to. That could lose you hundreds or thousands.
And ultimately failing exams means you have to spend time studying again for the next set of exams – that’s lost time that you can never get back.

I mean, look at the failure rate for ACCA exams:

That shows that for the Professional Level Papers failure rates are between 42% and 72%! That’s up to 72% of students failing a paper! Which side of that percentage do you want to be on?

There’s No Reason to Hesitate

So if you’re tired of being worried about the amount of studying you have to do for your ACCA exams, tired of being confused by the amount of information you have to take in, and tired of constantly worrying about passing your ACCA exams then take action.

I went from not being able to balance my working and studying, being stressed about my financial position and the cost of exams, not being able to study at home properly, being tired all day long and at weekends too to a place where I was able to effectively prepare and pass SIX year of exams in half the time,

The AIDE System gives you a COMPLETE step by step approach to preparing and studying for your exams effectively, through videos, advanced learning techniques, written reports and audio recordings. You won’t need any more ACCA tips ever!

Give yourself the gift of getting more studying done in less time, passing each exam first time, saving time and money from not having to re-sit exams and standing out from the crowd. Imagine the proud day when you get your ACCA qualification and know it was down to your hard work and skill, and intelligence to find the best learning tools possible.

This Could Cost You Thousands

Now for this information I could charge thousands – really. Imagine the cost of failing – all the money to pay for re-sits, the future money you miss out on by not getting your qualification sooner, the extra teaching costs! And most of all, the extra time in your life you will NEVER get back… that’s a LOT!

I’ve been advised to sell the AIDE System at the same price as online ACCA courses, the last time I checked Kaplan were charging between £1,100 and £1,250 for JUST ONE EXAM COURSE!

It was be perfectly justifiable for me to charge that much… but I’m not going to. And I’ll tell you why…

I Want To Help You Pass – Pass 1st Time

So here’s the price:

£297 for the WHOLE course.

You may say that’s cheap but I know how tough it can be for you to study, I’ve been there, and I know you need all the help you can get!

But It Gets Even Better!

You see I’m always improving my products and the only way I can do that is with your feedback… so let’s make a deal. If you PROMISE to send me detailed feedback on the AIDE System I won’t charge you the £297, and not even £197, the price is

Only £297£97

But only for the first 30 of you to take advantage of this offer.

I only need feedback from that many people to get the information I need. So once the first 30 sets have gone I WILL be raising the price. If you think I’m kidding please do check back to the site in future and the price will have gone up.

When you take action right now and grab your copy of the AIDE System Course for only £97 I’m going to remove any and all risk for you with my…

“You Profit Or It’s On Me”

30 Day Risk-Free “No-Weasel-Clause” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
…or take your money back

Grab your copy of the AIDE System Course right now.

Take a full 30 days to implement everything in the system.

Get some real improvements and see for yourself how easy (and simple) it is when you follow my plan and implement the training.


If you’re not on your way to passing your ACCA exams through using the AIDE System,
or if you’re not happy for any reason at all, then I’ve failed to deliver. And that’s unacceptable to me….

Simply ask for a refund and I’ll personally rush you back every penny you paid. No questions, no resistance, no hassle…
I don’t want your money if you don’t want me to have it.

I personally guarantee the AIDE System will be the simplest, easiest exam technique training course that you have ever seen, at any price…

I personally guarantee you’ll put the training to good use and set yourself up to succeed in your exams… or you don’t pay one penny!

That’s how much confidence I have in this program.

And that’s how strongly I encourage you to take action today without any sense of risk on your part whatsoever.

Risk Free Acceptance Form

Yes! I’m Ready to Have An Unfair Advantage Over 95% of Other ACCA Students!

Give Me Instant Access!

  • I understand this low one-time investment of £97 entitles me to receive INSTANT ACCESS to the entire AIDE System Video Course and all related material.
  • I will get video demonstrations of the exact step-by-step process you used to pass six years of exams in only three years, and pass each exam 1st time.
  • I can immediately access: All FOUR Core Training Parts PLUS Bonus VIdeo PLUS The Full PDF Exercises. I’ll get Video Training+ Workbooks.
  • AND I’ll also get the exclusive Audio MP3 Recordings of the entire AIDE System (Worth £97)
  • AND, I’ll also receive both your Exclusive FREE Bonus Reports: The Top 10 Student Mistakes & How to Make Sure You Don’t Make Them, and the Ultimate Self-Study Guide to Studying From Home & Passing Your Exams
  • I know that if I have any issues, I can rely on your Customer Support to help me promptly.
  • And finally, I know that this purchase is completely protected by your full “No Hassle” 30-Day 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE that says I must see a huge improvement in my exam preparation using your training or I get the program for FREE!

I’d absolutely hate myself if I missed out on this incredible opportunity…

…so I’m going to grab my copy of the AIDE System video training course RIGHT NOW by clicking the “Order” button below!

Low One-Time Payment of Only £297£97

Immediate Digital Delivery of ALL Products After Purchase

(Order online safely and securely. All orders processed and secured by Paypal – You’re 100% protected from unauthorized payments with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud. Click the button above, fill in your details, and instantly download the AIDE System.)

I truly look forward to teaching you everything I’ve learned over the years…

And to giving you the simplest possible system and all you need for passing your exams faster and first time too!

Learn the best system to get you through your exams now

I wish you the best of luck!

Yours Sincerely

Soul Patel

P.S. If you really want to learn the best ACCA Tips, from someone who has been there and done it, then don’t waste time. Invest in yourself today and prepare for an amazing ride!

P.P.S. This product used to cost less, but due to high demand – I put the price up. I can’t guarantee that the current price will stay the same……

P.P.P.S. More and more ACCA students are learning about the AIDE system and using it to get an advantage over all their rivals – I’m not making that up – it’s a fact. So I do urge you to take advantage of this offer – because you will get left behind otherwise.

“thanx a million times for this valuable information”
Owen Sibuku – ACCA Student

“Hi Soul, I must say it was a beautiful piece, thanx so much. Very much appreciated”
Hayford – ACCA Student

“It was magnificent. It had valuable hints, I loved it. Thanks man”
Abdirahman Daud – ACCA Student

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